His Dog Won’t Stop Staring At The Wall, He Later Finds Out Why

Crosby appeared to be quite interested in the wall, for some reason. He could see that there was something the dog was trying to tell him, though he had no idea what it was. He took a look at the footage on the monitor and decided to check the wall. Crosby noticed and wagged his tail when he got up from his chair. The dog appeared excited. He hadn’t seen that animated Crosby in a while. What was happening here exactly? What made his dog so thrilled? The wall turned out to have the answers to all his questions, and what he had discovered was quite surprising to him.

Attached To His Dog

George Miller is a single man living in a town far from the place where his family lives. Living away from home can be demanding for many individuals. They have to deal with the feeling that they are unfamiliar and slightly unsettled. For those who live away from home, it is not uncommon to get quite lonely. This happened to him, as far as George is concerned. He had begun to feel solitary…