His Dog Won’t Stop Staring At The Wall, He Later Finds Out Why


He decided to get a dog to deal with the feelings of loneliness he had. His pup, which he called Crosby, became quite attached to him. For a 29-year-old man, dogs are indeed the best friends of men! How sweet and loyal his dog is, George will tell you. He thought he knew Crosby well, but there were things about his furry friend, as it turned out that George didn’t know about.

Bonding With His Furry Friend

George could not help wondering how his sweet dog could do such a thing after finding out the truth. He began to ask himself whether this was the same dog that he had adopted many years ago. Crosby was known to George as a lovely dog who liked to play with other animals in the park. The dog would not leave their side when Crosby became close to another animal. But this has now happened. About why?